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Cantilever Website
This website makes me hungry. Hungry for fish and chips and hungry for a nicely illustrated website background. I love how the background changes with each menu option. And the food menu looks awesome!!!
Found on: WDL.


Steedicons Website
Check this website out! Its a nice crisp design using hand drawn icons and boarders. I love how they have added texture in the background, this really adds to the overall feel of the design.
Found on: WDL.

Typographical Map of Australia Poster.
I have been enjoying staring at this poster for a long period of time appreciating the typography and trying to visualize all the places I have been to. It would make a great feature to any Aussie wall!
Found on: Desktop Mag.
Can purchase on Kindred Gifts.

Barbican Posters
Found on: September Industry.

Process Journal Edition 4

Established in 2004, the UK-based studio applies a multidisciplinary approach to its project conception. Having worked for design-conscious clients such as The Creative Review periodical, the Liverpool Tate and D&AD, Design Project has perfected the development of minimalistic, precise and arresting work that is capable of direct and articulate communication.

The studio is also responsible for reworking the face of Progress Packaging, a project aimed at repositioning the brand as the UK’s leading creative packaging specialist. Conveyed through a variety of print work, the identity comprises sophisticated and tactile aesthetics that encapsulate the diversity of the company.

Read more.
Found on: September Industry.

Design Is Everything

“Josh Higgins started a project with Doyald Young in November of 2010 that got never finished. It was to be a gift from himself and Doyald to one of their mutual friends. Before the poster was finished, sadly, Doyald passed away. The day after his passing, Josh contacted Jessica Hische and she graciously and beautifully brought the project to life. The poster took a whole new direction from a gift for a friend to a way to raise money for a type scholarship in Doyald’s name.”

Found on: SwissMiss.

At this site you can play with different retro type treatments and purchase the final result for a small fee. It gives you the choice of fonts to try and different colours.
Found on: SwissMiss.






Above are some awesome examples of htm-5 based websites.
Found on: Web Design Ledger.

Size: A5
Printing: Foil Blocked
Typefaces: Franklin Gothic
Client: Cream PR
Year: 2008

Cream PR is a full service PR agency that focusses on communication within the fashion press. The invitations for the press days AW08 are foil blocked in three different colors on cardboard. The contrast between the cardboard and the foil represent the multifaceted scope of the agency’s clients.

Found on: September Industry.

STILLS Book + Poster
Size: 200 X 265 Mm + Bookshop Window
Printing: Silver + Black PMS
Typefaces: Apercu
Client: Wiel Arets Architects
Year: 2010

Stills exhibition shows the development of the oeuvre of Wiel Arets, shows the projects, expands upon the theoretical background and offers insight into the sources of inspiration and fascination of Wiel Arets himself. From his very early beginnings to his striking and unique personal vision on the future of urban development.

Found on: September Industry.

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