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Tough Luck Beer Labels
These little bottle label designs are quite unique. They are grungy retro, fun designs, nice warm colours and have good blending between elements. I cant help but love some of the new retro designs around at the moment. I especially love the apple skull 😛
Found on: The Dieline.

– Carly


Isola, Soap
Above is some cute soap packaging created by Aesthetic Movement for Isola. I love the fun retro detail added!
Their website is also a nice design!
Found on: The Dieline.

– Carly

Blood Alley Bitter
I like this packaging design. Two reasons, the retro look almost always wins my heart, and secondly, the pig and axe and the black on red, invokes a dark side within…
Found on: The DieLine.

– Carly

Haus of Gaga

“This design aimed to bring Lady Gaga’s concert merchandise and visual system to the same high levels of artistic merit found within the scope of her ground breaking live performances, including a unique packaging system, which most concert merchandise seems to lack. By marketing the Haus of Gaga as a brand, and creating an all-new labeling system for each individual product, this system raises the usually lowbrow concert merchandise market to one that is both collectible and avant garde.”

I think its rather interesting.
Found on: The DieLine.

Toni’s Goat’s Milk Yogurt
This packaging makes me want to buy ten in one go! It looks so tasty!
Found on: The DieLine.

– Carly

Vintage Paint Can Labels
I love vintage stuff, the fonts used, that rustic look. So I couldnt pass up posting this on my blog!
Found on: The Dieline.

Veuve Clicquot Origami Box
‘We’ve always been big fans of how much our friends at Veuve support design! And we love origami! This year at the Salone del Mobile, during Veuve Clicquot’s Milan Yellow Week, the company will debut their latest design collaboration, Clicq’Up, an origami inspired design object by Belgian designer Mathias van de Walle.’
Found on: Selectism.

Canned Air. An April fools day joke from The Dieline. To view this and other packaging examples view their latest Top Ten.

Other examples from that site:

Another nice packaging design posted on Pamela Pfiffner’s Best of the Blogs: March 31, 2011. To view the whole post click here.

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