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Cantilever Website
This website makes me hungry. Hungry for fish and chips and hungry for a nicely illustrated website background. I love how the background changes with each menu option. And the food menu looks awesome!!!
Found on: WDL.


Steedicons Website
Check this website out! Its a nice crisp design using hand drawn icons and boarders. I love how they have added texture in the background, this really adds to the overall feel of the design.
Found on: WDL.

Typographical Map of Australia Poster.
I have been enjoying staring at this poster for a long period of time appreciating the typography and trying to visualize all the places I have been to. It would make a great feature to any Aussie wall!
Found on: Desktop Mag.
Can purchase on Kindred Gifts.

STILLS Book + Poster
Size: 200 X 265 Mm + Bookshop Window
Printing: Silver + Black PMS
Typefaces: Apercu
Client: Wiel Arets Architects
Year: 2010

Stills exhibition shows the development of the oeuvre of Wiel Arets, shows the projects, expands upon the theoretical background and offers insight into the sources of inspiration and fascination of Wiel Arets himself. From his very early beginnings to his striking and unique personal vision on the future of urban development.

Found on: September Industry.

Here is a few images, art from a local Bondi artist

I especially love the keys image. Politically motivated art with a dark side. I quite like how this artist has portrayed each piece. They are punchy and to the point. He explores some interesting concepts and displays them well.
Found on: Insight51.

– Carly

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