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Yanko Tea Diver
As far as product designs go, this one absolutely speaks to me! I love diving and love tea, I have even been on the look out for some sort of tea enclosure for my loose tea leaves. Just couldnt go past this one! Design-wise, its quite a neat little concept, why not fill a diver with tea before dunking him in water? Make tea more fun? I love the addition and intricacy of the little air pump.
Can buy from Yanko’s online store.
Found on: Selectism.


Grid Books
Damn, I wish I found this one about 6-months ago, just finished a magazine and website concept that this would have been great for! It is a little expensive to ship to Australia, but maybe there is a local supplier or similar concept around here?
Found on: SwissMiss.
GridBooks Website.

Yes, I am serious. Square Eggs. Who would have thought? When I look at them I think I have been staring at the computer screen for too long…. Anyway its different, a bit of fun? Caught my attention…
Found on: SwissMiss.
Can buy square egg makers on Amazon.

Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Holster
I am finding this on every blog I come across? Why all the hype with wine holder designs for bicycles? Still I must admit, being a cycling enthusiast in my past life, I do find this extremely cool.
Found on: Selectism.

iPad Dry Eraser Board
If you design iPad apps, this would be a useful tool to help map out the design. And if its not quite right, just quickly erase and start all over again.
Found on: SwissMiss.

Wooden Espresso Maker
Found on: SwissMiss.

Recycled Fixture Planters
These little planters look like mini greenhouses. I like the idea of using them for succulents. Look beautiful.
Found on: Design Sponge.

Suspended Staircase.
What a HOT design for a staircase? Love it!
On Soho architektur.
Found on: SwissMiss.

An interesting design, incorporating the bike into a seesaw, but what really caught my attention was the photography, I like how they have overlapped different angles of the seesaw so it gives the impression of motion.
Found on: selectism.

Frank Muller iPhone cases
Nice design, I want one for my phone!
Found on: selectism.

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