Semi-Permanent day two was filled with 6 more enthusiastic professionals speaking about design and there creative works. Here is a quick brief;

The speakers:

We Buy Your Kids
Illustration, design and screen-printing: Website.
I love the name, I must admit, it sticks to my brain. I have heard of them before, seen their website, but didn’t really know what they were about until this speech. We Buy Your Kids started out doing a lot of screen printing, posters mostly, then album artwork for local musicians. Have moved more into digital images, created in the same style, limited color palette and a screen printed look. Uses a lot of textures in photo-shop to complement the illustrative works. Also did an animation for Megan Washington for the Clementine video clip and plays with animating their illustrations using after effects, gif format.
Quotes: I like it when people cannot tell how an image is made. Like people to take it in as a whole rather than get distracted by the process.
If anyone wants to give us a job drawing food, we’d totally be up for that.
Never paint the walls of a gallery totally black. Its going to take you a week just to paint over that. Just don’t do it.

Alt Group
A New Zealand group of creatives with lots of ideas. Manifesto: Do Disturb. Influenced by surrealism, Salvador Dali, Grid Systems by Josef Muller (book). Created the Hudson Gavin Martin identity, recently released a book, This over That: Website.
Quote: Your ideas don’t have to be great, they just have to change the world.
Two wrongs don’t make a right but three lefts do.
Sometimes asks himself – how would a cartoon do it?
Individuals come up with ideas, but groups come up with concepts.

Kayt Jones
Was surrounded by photography from an early age. Likes the concept of imperfect beauty. Website.
Quote: Do things that scare you
Crank the music really loud
See obstacles as opportunities
Its nice sometimes to break up the rhythm and do something different.

Gemma O’Brien

Typography and illustrator.
Works for animal logic, educated through COFA. Runs a blog ‘for the love of type’, website. Loves Hoefler text.
Quote: Never give a pretty girl a hand grenade (from poster).
Gemma spoke very well, she is very enthusiastic and passionate about typography. She really lightens up typography and makes it all very glamorous and exciting. I am a bit jealous of her passion for type and illustration as I cannot seem to decide which direction I want to take my own design and you can tell she has been all-consumed in typography to get where she is with it today.

Michael Leon
Graphic designer. Stacks Boards. Website.
One of his slides had a constantina style photograph / photo-montage – a 360 view of his studio/apartment. I quite like this style of portraying a large space using this style of perspective. All his little videos are all really great promos that help sell his artwork.
Quote: I never really have a thing or a style, I kind of approach everything differently.
Make videos. It works. They eat it up.

Fuel VFX
50% films / 50% TVCs
Website. Created effects for Thor, and created the scenery for the Frank Miller / Gucci TVC.
Gucci TVC design process: Researched early 20th century architecture. Identify with the brand. Looked at old perfume bottles to model the buildings from. 3d texture mapping structures. Then introduce the color and feel.
Quote: Don’t take no for an answer, it doesn’t mean your out of the game.

Overall it was a good couple of days. Very involved, quite intense, all the speakers were so passionate. It was nice to see people within the industry and how they came to be. It shows that anyone from any background can make it, provided they are passionate and keep pushing their own boundaries. There was a lot of motivational advice each creative brought to the conference.