Dads birthday is coming up, and I kinda said I would do this for him at Christmas (woops 4 months later…). Anyway thats his new baby, Triumph Bonneville, a new model because there is little difference between price on the old and new bikes of this style. It lives in Perth, the hot and dry west, my Dad reports they got a spot of Sydney weather the other day, the first decent rain in many months. It was very exciting apparently :P. (I live in Sydney, wet and humid in comparison).

Anyway, I am deep etching the bike, haven’t finished the front wheel as yet… have added a new shadow, played around with the background and color of text. Still have to play with the levels, shading on the bike, its too light in some parts. I might do this once I decide on a final background style. I want to add texture in the background and have played with adding a road in etc, but haven’t quite found a happy medium. I also need to add the word ‘Bonneville’ play with the positioning of the text, and experiment with adding other specs as text in there, anyway its a work in progress, but its a bit of fun to keep my mind fresh. It will eventually make it to a 16″ x 20″ canvas for his birthday šŸ˜›

– Carly