Who ever thaught of an egg-shaped chicken coop? Apparently someone! Its a nice design, if I ever get chickens, I want one! 😛
Homedit website.
Found on:  SwissMiss.

Jil Sander Men’s Sweater
No one I know would be caught dead wearing this, but I like its pretty colors… I was thinking of making some color palettes with the color combinations…
Found on:  Selectism.

An interesting perspective on business and branding. How does your brand want to be viewed using social media? How to advertise social media on the business website? and through other advertising? The mind ticks over….
Found on:  SwissMiss.

On the brands note: Video.

Random text. You click on the button below, and the text turns into a picture! How pretty….
Text Align Centaur website.
Found on: TwoThousand.

The edible pen. Wooooooo! Where can I buy? This looks like fun, but would have to keep it continuously in its wrapper.  Could spell disaster if was set loose in my pencil case! Then again, it probably wouldn’t last long enough to make it into the pencil case….. 😛
Found on:  TwoThousand.