Semi-Permanent Sydney
13th & 14th May 2011
Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre

Semi-Permanent is a world leading creative conference that to date has hosted 26 events in 8 cities covering 5 countries, with 164 speakers and over 42,000 attendees. It covers all disciplines of design, including graphic design, film, fine art, illustration, web design, interactive design, photography, visual effects, animation, graffiti, motion graphics, stop motion, architecture, and much more….. more

Should I stay or should I go? Thats the dilemma I have being a student. Is the conference going to be worthwhile for me? Even if its for networking? Maybe its not good for networking if its full of snobbery? Maybe its good to see whats generating interest in the design ‘world’ at the moment… Though at $140 per ticket, will I get more out of it than I get from my current online subscriptions? The online subscriptions are free….. rss feeds and emails…. It shows the designers that are to be speaking, but I have never been to this before, do you get to listen to all speakers as apart of the ticket price? Anyway I have asked this question to the person behind their contact form, and await a response. I also asked my uni lecturer if she has heard of this conference before and if she recommends going and why…. this was a week ago, haven’t received a response. I think I would just go anyway, looks interesting, and may as well make the most of the student rates…

– Carly